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"I am pleased to enclose my donation to Camp Veritas. I am not at all wealthy and I have five children, three in college, and a fourth next year.  My husband and I have made few investments, and when we liquidate we try to give a significant portion to a worthy cause or two.  Our daughter, 17, has been to Camp Veritas the last two years, and what we have witnessed is amazing.  To see such love and faith in God as well as reverence and celebration of the gift of the Catholic Church is so encouraging.  What you are doing is so very important in this increasingly secular world.  May you continue to receive God's blessing and spread His word for a long time to come.  Thank you for all you do!"  ~Anonymous Donor, 2017


CLICK HERE to view our 10 year report. Thanks to all of you who have attended, spread the word, promoted, volunteered, or donated... we are stronger than ever and growing by leaps and bounds!  It is your help that brings another soul to the foot of the Cross.  

NOTE for IRELAND VOLUNTEERS WISHING TO SUBMIT THEIR $100 DONATION: If you an American volunteer for the Ireland Camp and would like to make a donation, you may do so using the procedures outlined here. If you are a resident of Ireland, please contact us directly at for specific instructions for making donations from Ireland! Or, see the instructions on the bottom of the Volunteer Page.

You may donate to Camp Veritas by sending a check (preferred for large donations due to PayPal commission on credit cards) to:

 "Camp Veritas" and mail to:


Camp Veritas*

Attn: R. Young

19 Ashley Court

Danbury, CT 06810


*This is the address for our financial office only. Please visit our Contact Us Page if you need to send correspondence or otherwise contact our corporate office.

Or you may make a donation by credit card (using PayPal) by using the "Donate" button below:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

**** Please note that for donations exceeding $2,000, PayPal requires the use of your personal Paypal account. 

For Donations exceeding $10,000, a verified Paypal account is required or please contact us to make other arrangements.****

 Camp Veritas is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization and is approved by the United States Conference of Cathol​ic Bishops. Therefore, your entire donation is tax deductible. Our federal tax ID is ​​26-1604439.

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