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Every day is a great day to be a camper!


"I simply had to write a letter of thanks to you for this summers Camp Veritas at Camp Lakota. Right off the bat I must say, this camp absolutely changed my life. I had signed up a little late and was apprehensive at first, but it was one of the last weeks of summer and I said why not? You know Carpe Diem! I knew a few people who were going but I was in a foreign land in the beginning. I come from a very traditional family an I was raised on the TLM (Traditional Latin Mass), so I knew this would be a different experience for me.

"Camp Veritas has made a huge impact on my life. Everything has been amazing, especially those things that I did not expect like the testimonies and Adoration were two of my favorite parts of the week."

"The Masses and Adoration times were very strong. The activities were really great (the boats on the lake, the pool, the bowling...) and the people who spoke, so interesting! Thanks to this camp, I will pray every day and every Sunday go to church."


As soon as I stepped out of the car though, I immediately knew I was home. I instantly bonded with my fellow cabin mates and the counselors were outstanding. It felt like we were one big family, and there isn't a thing we wouldn't do to help one another out. The schedule was planned perfectly and had a wonderful and enriching balance of talks, prayer, activities, meals, mass, and free time. It also allowed us to talk with other people and really open up to essentially complete strangers. It was simple to open up it didn't matter who. I distinctively remember having a heart-to-heart conversation with a kid who I didn't even know his name! Only at Camp Veritas will something like that happen!

"I'd like you to know how grateful I am that I was able to have this Camp Veritas experience. It helped me get a better relationship with God and it helped me with my everyday life. When I first came to camp last summer, I was a little reluctant to come because I didn't want to be surrounded by 'religious freaks' and have to pray all the time. But, instead, I was able to meet people like me who aren't ashamed of their faith. I had fun the entire week and felt very peaceful. Since then, I have asked for God's help with everything from school work to drama to just helping me stop being lazy. Thanks to Camp Veritas and you, I was able to strengthen my faith and become a better person."


Another amazing part of camp was the liturgy. The way it was blended into our schedule was amazing. Unlike the typical "teenage" approach to going to mass, it was often the focus of everyone's day. I was in awe when over 400 kids erupted into song on the opening mass. I knew I had found someplace special. To this day Camp Veritas remains the happiest time of my life that I can remember. There have been lots of runners-up experiences, but they can't even compare to the spiritual euphoria I experienced at Camp. You can save a slot next year for me because I am DEFINITELY coming back! God Bless you Ryan for all you have done. May this camp continue to be a light of hope for generations to come!"

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