Camp Life

Camp Veritas sounds awesome! What is a typical day at camp like?

Breakfast is usually around 8 am. This is followed by a scriptural Rosary. There are sports and activities from about 10 am – 3 pm. There is an afternoon free-time to rest and shower. In the evening is Mass, Adoration, inspiring talks, and camp-wide free-time. Lights out is 11 pm.

What sports and activities do you do?

For our regular camps, the sports and activities include swimming, soccer, frisbee, volleyball, laser tag, dodgeball, and gaga ball. Our Maryland location has paddle boats. Our Lakota location offers rock wall climbing, lake activities, giant swing, and low ropes. For the Newburgh, New York week, our specialty tracks (dance, basketball, acting) will solely do those activities during this time period.

Do campers and volunteers need to be Catholic to attend Camp Veritas?

Camp Veritas joyfully and faithfully promotes all the teachings of the Catholic Church. The spiritual activities (Mass, adoration, etc) are the highlights of each day. We have been blessed to have some non-Catholic campers and volunteers attend in order to sincerely and respectfully learn more about the faith. They have since become Catholics! If your child is not Catholic, please e-mail the enrollment coordinator. We want to make sure that their counselor knows ahead of time and can guide them as necessary.

My child is a first-time camper. Any suggestions?

Welcome! We have many first-time campers every year. There will be lots of other campers going through the same experience as your child. Reassure them that they’re not alone! Your child will make lots of friends throughout the week. If it helps put them at ease, encourage your child’s friend from home to attend camp (make sure to add them as a roommate request) or perhaps send a volunteer (older sibling, grandparent, etc) with your camper. It can be incredibly reassuring to have a familiar face around!

Can Camp Veritas accommodate dietary restrictions?

Our Newburgh, New York location has the best facilities to accommodate food restrictions. It’s the same exceptional food options and staff that serve the college students during the academic year. Please include the restrictions in your application. We will make sure that the facility staff is aware of it. For the Maryland and Lakota locations, campers may bring their own labelled food that can be stored in the refrigerator by the nurse’s station.

Can Camp Veritas accommodate food allergies?

Please see the answer regarding dietary restrictions. We can take basic precautions, notify the counselors, etc. However, for campers with severe food allergies, we cannot guarentee a 100% allergen-free environment.

What medication may campers carry with them?

Campers may only carry inhalers, epipens, and insulin with the parent's permission. All other medications must be entrusted to the camp nurse (including Tylenol, Advil, Claritin, etc.). The camp team is alerted to each campers medications when the health history form is completed.

Is Camp Veritas wheelchair accessible?

If you have a family member who is a wheelchair user and interested in volunteering or joining us for the closing Mass, please contact the parent liaison provided in your parent email. We’d be glad to forward any site-specific details.

Is it possible to tour the facility during the off-season?

Camp Veritas is run entirely by volunteers and rents all our of facilities. We do not offer tours during the off-season. Tours are available on the first day Camp Veritas begins (before orientation).

Is it possible to send a letter to my camper during the week?

Yes! As we get closer to the date, you’ll receive an e-mail with your week’s parent liaison. Contact them and they can forward the best mailing address.


Does Camp Veritas provide financial aid?

Our main objective is to bring campers closer to Jesus. Financial hardship should not deter campers from attending. We encourage families to first contact their local parish and Knights of Columbus council to inquire about scholarships. After contacting them, if further assistance is required e-mail or call the enrollment coordinator.

When does the early bird rate expire?

To receive the early bird rate, payment must be fully submitted by May 1st.

How do I cancel and receive a refund?

E-mail or call our enrollment coordinator. If the cancellation is made at least 30 days prior to the start of Camp, we will be glad to issue a complete refund.

Is the payment for camp tax-deductible?

Payment directly covers goods and services the campers receive. Payment for camp is not usually tax-deductible. Contact your accountant to see if a dependant care deduction is applicable.

If you make a separate donation to Camp Veritas, thank you! Those donations are tax deductible. Our federal tax ID is ​​26-1604439.

When is the last day to submit payment?

Final payment is due 30 prior to each camp session. If other arrangements need to be made, please contact the enrollment coordinator.

Is there a sibling discount?

The facilities that we rent charge us for each individual camper. As such, we cannot offer sibling discounts.

Camp-In-Touch Account

I have been locked out of my Camp-In-Touch account. What do I do?

Please call/email the enrollment coordinator. We will e-mail you a link to reset your password. The link is valid for only 3 hours after it is sent.

I cannot access the financial section of my Camp-In-Touch account. What do I do?

This is a security feature when an inaccurate or expired credit card is on file. Please call or e-mail the enrollment coordinator. Once the security feature is disabled, you can access the financial section and update the credit card on file.

How do I add or change the week my camper/s is attending?

Please e-mail the enrollment team. We will manually add or change the week. If we add an additional week, an additional $100 deposit is required.

I already submitted the camper application. How do I add or update the roommate request?

Please e-mail the enrollment team your child’s name and their roommate request. We will manually add or update the request on their application. We try to accomodate one roommate request and we do our best to honor it.

If you can only consider one roommate request, how can we ensure that this larger group of campers will be together?

We understand that campers like to be with their old friends and also make new friends. To ensure old friends are together, have each camper request one designated camper in their group. In the case of Ireland and MSMC, request a specific roommate as rooms are only of two. We will do our best to honor it. For Parish groups wishing to stay together, please make the Parish Groups coordinator aware of your request.

I had trouble with my registration form, so I stopped and started another one. Now there are two accounts and I’m having issues logging in. What do I do?

E-mail the enrollment assistant. We will manually merge the two accounts. Let us know which e-mail address you want to use as your login e-mail.

What do I do if it’s right before camp and I’m having trouble updating the medical section?

Bring any necessary medical records with you to check-in. The medical team will be there to receive them.


Who do I notify about late arrival, early pick-up, camper needing for a few hours midweek, etc?

In the weeks leading up to camp, when your Camp Informational letter arrives, contact the on-site parent liaison listed. They will coordinate the pick-up/drop-off details with you directly.

Do you provide transportation for campers from the airport or train station?

Due to Safe Environment considerations, we do not provide transportation for campers arriving or departing from camp.

I’m a parent traveling a far distance. Can you recommend a good, local hotel where I can stay after orientation?

Camp Veritas does not formally endorse any local hotels. We encourage families to research their own accommodation options.


Do you accommodate Food allergies?

Please see the answer regarding dietary restrictions, under Camp Life dietary restrictions. We can take basic precautions, notify the counselors, etc. However, for campers with severe food allergies, we cannot guarentee a 100% allergen-free environment.

Do you provide transportation to and from Camp?

All volunteers are responsible for arranging their own transportation. For US citizens travelling to Ireland, transportation help can be provided the 1 day ahead of and after Camp (requests must be made when registering). Any other arrival or departure arrangements become the responsibility of the volunteer.

Can I request my own room or special accommodations? Or may I sleep at home and come during the day?

All volunteers must be willing to sleep in the same or similar accommodations as the campers.

Due to Safe Environment regulations, all volunteers must stay at the Camp location for the duration of the session.

Can I request a specific role?

Roles are assigned to fill the needs of Camp; we try to respect requests made in the Camp Minder registration but can make no guarantees.

Can I bring work to do? Or my younger (under camp age) children? Pets?

Registering to volunteer implies full availability and participation in camp life alongside the Campers. Therefore, bringing work along is not permitted.

Generally, children below Camp age are not permitted. In the case of infants and toddlers, exceptions can be made but must be requested ahead of time. Please contact the volunteer coordinator.

No pets are allowed.

Can I be a volunteer in my child’s group?

We cannot guarantee this, but the request can be made in the notes on your registration form.

Can I come for just half of the week?

We welcome all volunteers. If you cannot come the entire week, you need to at least be able to commit to 4 days, the first or second half of camp. Indicate this in your registration.


What adjustments will camp make in light of COVID-19?

Camp Veritas will take into account and adhere as best as possible to all CDC guidelines and State-issued orders according to the location of each site. We will also establish liability waivers and screening, to be administered during registration the first day of camp.

If Camp is cancelled due to COVID-19, will I be able to request a refund?

Yes, all requests for refunds will be honored. There will also be the option of using your deposit to reserve your child's spot for Summer 2022.

Will there be any requirements for attending Camp?

We will require everyone to arrive with a negative COVID test dated within a week of the start of camp. Or, provide proof of antibodies via vaccination or having had COVID within three months of the start of camp.